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Graduation, Concerts, and the Road Ahead

This past month has been absolutely amazing. I was able to perform in both the final Berklee Valencia Discover Concert of the year, as well as the 2016 Commencement Concert. It was truly an honor playing with so many close friends and colleagues with several thousand people in attendance. The show ended with a half hour long fireworks display, and was truly one of the most fun concerts I've ever had the privilege to be a part of!

I was also selected as class valedictorian, and gave the farewell address to my friends and colleagues at our 2016 Masters Students' Graduation Ceremony! I'll never forget what a wonderful experience I had working with such a special and diverse group of people.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Tokyo, and soon after I return from Japan I will be traveling from Spain back to America to assist at Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival! It's bittersweet but I'm looking forward to returning to my home country next month.

For more photos and behind the scenes footage visit my Facebook page

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