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is a Seattle-based Alternative Rock

Singer-Songwriter who holds a masters degree in Performance and Music Production from Berklee College of Music's campus in Valencia, Spain. Kelvin has found a niche as a content creator and educator, with millions of views on sites like Youtube. In addition to his solo work, he is the frontman and co-founder of the band WINTERSTATE


Kelvin has been recognized for the broad range and power of his bari-tenor voice, his poetic lyrics, catchy melodies, and diverse instrumental styles. He has also gained a reputation for his energetic live performances and distinctive microphone swinging style - inspired by previous musical performers as well as martial arts and flow arts techniques.


Kelvin has been involved in workshops with many innovative industry-leading artists including John Mayer, Paul Simon, Bela Fleck, Ben Folds, Pat Pattison, Sole Jimenez, Amanda Palmer and John Oates. His classmates and collaborators have included Julia Easterlin, Charlie Puth, Wyclef Jean, Betty Who and Grace Kelly.

"Ouststanding [songs] with soulful lyrics and catchy sing-along choruses"
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