May 4, 2019

I just released an album with my good friend Alex Ortberg, and we're on tour promoting it! Check out The Ride by WINTERSTATE 



WINTERSTATE is an alternative rock duo co-founded in 2015 in Valencia, Spain by Berklee College of Music alumni Kelvin Killmon and Alexander Ortberg. 

Alexander Ortberg and Kelvin Killmon grew up in Minnesota - almost close enough to share an area code - but they were destined to cross paths 4,500 miles from home under the sun-bleached palm trees at Berklee College of Music in Valencia...

February 14, 2019

Today - Valentine’s Day - my band WINTERSTATE is releasing our lyric video for “Roses and Evergreens”. This one is for rain-soaked Seattle streets and creaky wooden waterfront piers, the beautiful wild parks littered with needles, the dancers pulling a double to pay off their student loans, the old paper smell of Powell’s books, for baggy-eyed baristas who woke up before the sun. This one is a love letter to the Pacific Northwest. Hope you like it

October 30, 2018

"I’ve been busy writing, recording, and performing with the guys in Twin Lakes Band, and I have to say it’s been a blast! However, that meant I needed to step away from other projects for a while...

But I’ve got GOOD NEWS! Starting this Christmas, there will be NEW MUSIC coming out by Kelvin Killmon and yours truly! Might even be a cover of a well-known band’s song somewhere in there too 😜 get ready for a FULL LENGTH ALBUM of awesomely awesome jammy jams, and a few singles along the way 🤤

It’s been two years in the making, and it’s time for you to hear this stuff. I can’t wait to share it with you!!!"
- Alexander

January 17, 2018

Just a quick acoustic guitar and voice cover of Robyn's " Dancing on my Own ". A stripped down version of this song was performed by Calum Scott on Britain's Got Talent in 2015.

September 18, 2017

World Alzheimer’s Day is on Thursday, so I've teamed up with Alex Ortberg and Janet Bartucciotto to make "Little Things", a beautiful song for those coping with Dementia about finding hope and love in the face of unavoidable loss.

The track won't *officially* be released until Thursday, but it's actually already available for download if you visit: 
We hope you enjoy it, and it means as much to you as making it meant to us.

World Alzheimer’s Day, September 21st of each year, is a day on which Alzheimer’s organizations around the world concentrate their efforts on raising awaren...

September 2, 2017

Working on a new song to release on my birthday. Here's a sneak peek!


June 7, 2017

Check out our new song "Gentleman Caller" - out now on Bandcamp, and coming soon to iTunes and Spotify! *Download Link in Description Below*


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